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IPEM is not picking server details from

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Solution Partner Experimenter


TC version 9.1.2.x and Creo2

IPEM 9.1


Setup Details:

Client system has two 4T rich client (separate portal root install directory) configurations deployed through OTW installation

1) TC IPR1- Connection to (a) Production and (b) Test instance servers [non-CAD PLM environment]

2) TC IPR2 - Connection to (c) CAD Integration server configured for IPEM with Creo2



When Creo2 is launched with IPEM integration, the database connection to 1(a)-Production is displayed!!

There is no entry for 1(a) in the file of IPR1

However, there is an entry for CAD Integration server 2(c) in of IPR2

We have explored entries in IPEM directory within xml/config/dat/property files but unable to find the configuration that is creating this problem

Please share your valuable suggestions. Appreciate and look forward to a quick response.