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ITK function PROJ_assign_team_members - adding administrators




I am using the ITK function PROJ_assign_team_members to add groups, groupmembers, privileged users and team administrators. I am able to add all the categories except for team administrators.

vector<tag_t> updated_members_tag, updated_PrvUser_tags, updated_administrator_tags;

PROJ_ask_team(project_tag, &member_count, &members_tag, &administrator_count, &administrator_tags, &privileged_user_count, &privileged_user_tags);
for(int j = 0; j < member_count; j++)
    updated_members_tag.push_back(members_tag[j]); for(int l = 0; l < administrator_count; l++) updated_administrator_tags.push_back(administrator_tags[l]); tag_t new_admin_member_tag, new_admin_user_tag; new_admin_member_tag = Get_Tags_Member("Alice"); // function to get member tag updated_member_count = updated_member_count + 1;
new_admin_user_tag = Get_Tags_User("Alice") // function to get user tag updated_administrator_count = updated_administrator_count + 1; updated_administrator_tags.push_back(new_admin_user_tags[m]); ifailAssignMembers = PROJ_assign_team_members(project_tag, updated_member_count,, updated_administrator_count,, updated_privileged_user_count,;

I have project XYZ and at the begining when I display the project information from the ITK function "PROJ_ask_team", I get:


Number of the Project members = 1

Number of Project administrators = 1

Number of privileged users = 0


Afer I add 1 more team admin by running the above code, the output is the following:

Number of the Project members = 2

Number of Project administrators = 2

Number of privileged users = 0


From the above ouptput, it seems that the team admin is being successfully added to the project but in RAC, when I refresh the project, the status of the new Team Administrator  "Alice" is displaying "Non-privileged" instead of "Team Administrator". Can anyone please help?

Thank you.