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Import assembly into Tc10 NX9

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Hi experts,

a costumer want a detailed explanation about different options related to IMPORT Assembly  from Nx .

This is the command to import files into Tc and manage with Nx.

They want to know how to proceed to get items id and names as they want ,but I do not find a detailed documentation of all options in these menu.

Do You know any documentation for each option in this command?

Apart from this , they want to know if it is possible from Nx stand alone ,to create file with a reference(that will be the item ID when import into tc )and name(that will be the Item Name into TC) and a revision(that will be the item revision in Tc) they would create the files in NX stand alone in order to later import into TC and get the rigth Item ID,Item Name and Item Revision according to file create in stand alone mode? 


Thanks in advanced for your help


Re: Import assembly into Tc10 NX9


Hi Fidel,


The utility to import datasets (Components, Assemblies and drawing) into Teamcenter is called UG_Import.exe (Latest is called tcin_import.exe). This will help you to import datasets into teamcenter. There is a detailed documentation explaining the usage. Use your GTAC id to login and access the documentation.


The same document also explains importing datasets into teamcenter using NX user interface.


Re: Import assembly into Tc10 NX9

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Siemens Builder
Hi Santosh, thanks for your reply. I try to find the documentation in GTAC site ,but I am not able.... Could You specify where is exacly? Thank in advanced

Re: Import assembly into Tc10 NX9

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Siemens Honored Contributor



You do not mention whether you want to use the NX command line or the NX user interface to import the assemblies.


See the the following pages in the documentation help:

Command line ug_clone

UI Clone (import/export assembly into Teamcenter)


There are also several FAQ's in Solution Center that cover many topics including your question about inheriting predefined database values created in native parts.  The following article covers up to (and including) NX9 using the Import Assembly in NX UI command:

Reading DB_PART_NAME and DB_PART_DESC on import


The same method is used for the NX 10 UI (and newer), where the UI has changed.  Thefields are now pre-populated with the attribute syntax:



Using the NX9 UI "Auto Translate" option the DB_PART_NO and DB_PART_REV attributes are read from the filename assuming it has the correct syntax.  Eg: 123456_01.prt will import as ItemID "123456" and ItemRevision "01".  For NX 10 the options have been renamed in the UI. Use Numbering Source: "OS Filename" and Conversion Rule "As ID and Revision" for the equivalent to Auto Translate.


tcin_import is a newer command line utility has the additional options to read DB_PART_NO and DB_PART_REV from the part file.  The documentation gives an example using: -number_attribute=${DB_PART_NO} -revision_attribute=${DB_PART_REV}


Note: ug_import is a legacy utility and is no longer supported.


Each utility has its own unique capabilities.  You will have to read the docs and test each one to decide which one meets your requirements.


Regards, Ben