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Internal error: com/ugs/plmvis/components/PMISelectionListener


Hello all.

Does you know what can be this error?

It occurs when we tried to open any BOM VIEW in TCe Structure Manager.

It pops out a system message saying this:


" has encountered a problem.
An internal error has occurred.


The BOM VIEW opens, but every click you do pop this message again.


Using TeamCenter 10 here.


Re: Internal error: com/ugs/plmvis/components/PMISelectionListener

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Were you able to resolve this issue? I have just encountered the same problem.

Re: Internal error: com/ugs/plmvis/components/PMISelectionListener


Yes, Trec_admin.


This was solved with a update on TCe Vis component.


If you go to Teamcenter, access menu Help > About > More Information.


This will popup a window with some informations about your installation.


The "Client Version" and "Teamcenter Visualization Version" should be the same (at least the first 4 numerals).


This problem usually happens when the "Teamcenter Vis Version" is outdated.


So, if you have the same scenario you will need to download and install this component with the same version of "Client".


This solved the issue for me.