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Introduction to Teamcenter


While I've worked on CAD/CAE user support across a range of CAD and PLM applications, I've little experience with Teamcenter and was wondering if anyone could recommend some resources that describe Teamcenter's CAD management processes, specifically around Catia V5. 

There are quite a few "how-to"s on YouTube, but most appear to be step-by-step guides that mainly cover the interface commands.  While these are useful, I was hoping for something that goes into a little more depth around how Teamcenter works with the CAD data under the covers in terms of how the data is stored, moved between the client and server, the Product Structure is managed, etc.

Any advice will be gratefully received.



Re: Introduction to Teamcenter

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Solution Partner Phenom



You can download Teamcenter - CATIA user guide and installation guide from GTAC product download area.

Documentation for CATIA is located at:

Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start --> Full Products --> Integrations and Solutions --> CATIA --> <Choose Teamcenter version for CATIA> --> Teamcenter_Integration_for_CATIA<version>


While you are at it, you can find other CAD integration documents under 'Integrations and Solution' folder.


Untitled.jpgTeamcenter CATIA Documentation



Re: Introduction to Teamcenter

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @Aengus,


If you have access to the 'Siemens Learning Advantage' ( Requires memebership), there you can find some information related to the Teamcenter CAD intergrations. It is available for the TC-CATIA also. Though I am not a CATIA user, I think this can be one of the option that may be helpful to you.




Re: Introduction to Teamcenter


Many thanks to both of you for the information. 


I should have explained that we're still in the early phases of implementation, and my group doesn't have access to the documentaion or training materials yet.  This should be coming in the next few weeks, but I wanted to do a little advance reading to get an understanding of some of the basics.


That being said, your replies have given me some useful ideas on what to look for on the web in the meantime and I've managed to find quite a bit more than previously.


Thanks again,


Re: Introduction to Teamcenter




I know TcIC very well as working with EBSolution who is development partner of SIEMENS for TcIC (Teamcenter Integration for CATIA)

You can mail me at if need any assistance.