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Live Excel behavior

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Valued Contributor



We are just begining to use Live Excel for some of our BOM editing needs ( no addition / removal , just property updates ).  When we export a strcuture that has a combination of unreleased & released revisions configured in the structure, we found that


1. Without selecting the "Checkout objects before export" check-box in "Export to Excel" dialog, none of the BOM Line properties( e.g. Quantity ) are editable.


2. Without selecting the "Checkout objects before export" check-box in "Export to Excel" dialog, even if revisions are check-out by others users; live excel allowed editing bomline properties( e.g. Quantity). This is really strange behavior. Changes are getting saved back to Teamcenter without error.


3. When the check-box "Checkout objects before export" is selected; all IWP revision in the strcutre gets check-out. All released revisions are not checked-out and rows are highlighted in orange color. But, for entire structure, BOM Line properties ( e.g. Quantity ) are editable.


From these observations, we concluded that even for editing Quantity values , all components in the structure need to be checkout using "Checkout objects before export" check-box in "Export to Excel" dialog. This reduces the performance and renders Live Excel unusable. Wondering why a check-out on component revision is required to specify the quantity in cotext of its parent assembly. It is not a component property but a parent BVR property. If check-out is required, then why it allows editing quntity for those revisions which are not checked-out because they have release status.


Is Live Excel functionality currently broekn ? TC Version :


Please share your experience.