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Machinery library

How do you guys see what screws to use when there is no preview?


There must be a way I am sure...


Please help.




Re: Machinery library

I just installed "Machinery-library-install-tool-2015-12-14" on Teamcenter 10.1.5 and set the Reuse Library in NX9 to point to the install folder.  As you can see the Member Select pane shows icons of the hardware, as does the Preview pane.


If you review the items in Teamcenter, do you see Image and KRX datasets along with the UGMASTER dataset?  Did you complete the installation yourself?


Regards, Ben

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‎06-01-2016 02:22 PM

Re: Machinery library

Hi Ben,


Yes I installed it myself. 


I don't know what KRX is or mean or where to find it. As you know nothing works properly in TC, Help files does not search and so on so it is pretty hard to find my way around. Anyway enough wingeing


The document of how install is quite clear though.


When you say you set the reuse library to the install folder, is that NX from the client to the server install folder? And which customer default are you setting?


Thanks - S


Re: Machinery library

[ Edited ]

Your screenshot shows everything up to the Item Revision:




Expand the Item Revisions of the Machinery Library items and review the datasets.  If everything installed correctly you should have the KRX, Image and UGMASTER datasets within each Item Revision:




The customer default I used was under "Reuse Library > General (tab) > Libraries Organized by Teamcenter Folder".  I am telling the NX client to read the Machinery Library folder under Infodba's Home folder:




Regards, Ben

Re: Machinery library

I think the labels for "image" and "ugmaster" are swapped.



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Re: Machinery library

Well spotted Dave - trying to juggle too many things at once Smiley Happy
I've corrected the post.

Regards, Ben