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Management with Teamcenter with BOM from Excel (for parts from SolidEdge


Hi folks, I am looking for information in Teamcenter with Solid Edge

So what I want to know exactly : 


1. How to Import /Export PLMXML in Teamcenter

2. Management with Structure Manager

3. Lifecycle viewer

4. Content Manager

5. BOM Management


If anyone of you have videos, PDF for basic to understand all of this as I can't catch all this in company as other Engineers are busy and they are so fast when they show me something. As I want to focus on Teamcenter, because I already solved Solid Edge and Teamcenter is on first view easy but I want to be familiar with this and in that way I will be in front of other competition from guys who are focusing on Solid Edge as I think this Teamcenter include so much time to understand all.


So in time to prepare myself and to better understand some tips/tutorial Export, import to PLMXML, working with BOM (in this case it is BOM from Excel, we also have SAP ERP System but that will be in time maybe for one year to put all together, but why should I wait for new system if we still work on BOM from Excel. 

If anyone have experience in this way BOM from Excel with Teamcenter, I will be happy to learn.


I learn fast and hard, so I need as much as possiebly support from you and helps.

 Anything of this just put here,


I know what is and how works Teamcenter all teoretically, as I don't have time for some teory, I need practical way as I work 11 hours per day in company and in same time I need to be productive and learn fast to be in step by step with other people.