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Manufacturing Process Planner - Custom Report

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Is there any way to gerenate a report where all the parent items are displayed in the same row starting from a particular level?


Normally the structure looks like this. 

Level 0: Item A

Level 1: Item B

Level 2: Item C


Level 0: Item X

Level 1: Item Y

Level 2: Item Z


I want to generate a report similar to the one below. The parent of the previous column will have to be displayed in the next column.


1. Item C        Item B         Item A

2. Item Z        Item Y         Item X



Ganesh G.


Re: Manufacturing Process Planner - Custom Report

I've heard of a two column report (flattened BOM):

  • A and B
  • B and C
  • X and Y
  • Y and Z

But not a three column report? You might need custom code for that kind of formatting.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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Re: Manufacturing Process Planner - Custom Report

Thanks for the reply. It is not just a three column report. The columns may increare based on the level I need. I am also looking into the scripts/ codes. Thanks again.