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Markup of cutom property



I needed property on BOM line So i created a custom Runtime property on the BOM line but it gets disappeares when user login again.


The scenario is like this  2 user ,suppose user1 and user2 .

When user1 created a Assembly with various parts and forwarded it to the user2 for some suggestion.But user2 has no access on the Assembly he has only read and markup access.

So user2 will open the assembly in structure manager and as he will be able to markup then, User2 will markup and forward it to user1 and he will apply the markup.So it is not working for the custom property.

so any suggestion for this problem.





Re: Markup of cutom property



I believe the setter method of the mentioned runtime property on BOMLine is persistently storing the value of the runtime property.

Verify if that information is stored based on your business logic.

If the information is store but not available for the second user, check your getter method




Re: Markup of cutom property

The property which i created is A5SAPCode And i need it to behave like a OOTB property say bl_ref_designator

but it don't store the value.

Re: Markup of cutom property



If you write a custom runtime property, you need to write the logic for persistently storing it on any of the persistent objects associated with a BOMLine (Item, Item revision, master forms, occurrence etc)


Have you tried adding a new Note Type?

I believe, with note type, you can achieve what you are anticipating.