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Migrating to Teamcenter

Does anyone have any experience in migrating to Teamcenter from other disparate systems with regards to data migration, process implementation, and verification of system post migration?  I am new to both my company and to Teamcenter and am looking to see if there is any information that I can access to help both my transition and the transition to Teamcenter.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Migrating to Teamcenter

My company is migrating SolidWorks CAD files and office docs from a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM system.

We are nearing the end of migration development and will being doing a final 'big bang' migration in a few months.


What system are your migrating from and what type of datasets will you be migrating?

Re: Migrating to Teamcenter

Does your migration requirement have CAD or is it simply a metadata migration?

Re: Migrating to Teamcenter

we are migrating from Solid edge and Creo to Team center?

Re: Migrating to Teamcenter

Are the Solid Edge and Creo managed or unmanaged? What version of SE, Creo and Teamcenter?



Re: Migrating to Teamcenter

Solid edge ST4 data is not managed one. ProE/Creo data is managed in intralink. how big your data?  what type of source data(Solid edge/proE/UG/solidworks etc)?