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Multiple files (PDF) out of Tc at once

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Teamcenter 10.1.2


Is is possible, to select multiple files, in my case PDF's, and get copies out of Teamcenter in one operation?


For singles, I would select the PDF, right click "Named References..." and download.  Now, I want to grab all the PDF's for an entire project, and it would be nice to do it in one step, instead of repeating it 20+ times.




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Re: Multiple files (PDF) out of Tc at once

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You can write a Workflow that exports them all to the OS. There's a WF handler called "EPM-run-external-command".  You can configure it to export the PDF named references of all selected datasets and then use a custom OS script to rename and place them on an accessible file share.

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Re: Multiple files (PDF) out of Tc at once


Create a PLM XML/TC XML Export Import Administration - New ClosureRule with first line being  'Primary Object Class Type' = "CLASS", 'Primary Object' = "Dataset", Secon..." = "CLASS", 'Secon...' = "ImanFile, Relation Type' = " ATTRIBUTE", 'Related Property Of Obj...' = ref_list, 'Action Type' of PROCESS+TRAVERSE.  Create a second line with [CLASS, ImanFile, CLASS, *, ATTRIBUTE, original_file_name, PROCESS].  Then create a TransferMode that uses that ClosureRule.  Then select the PDF datasets and use Tools > Export > To PLMXML, and use that Transfer Mode.

Re: Multiple files (PDF) out of Tc at once

Another way without writing a workflow or a closure rule for PLMXML = under OPTIONS, set your check-in/check-out directory to a location of your choice, check the box for export on check-out. This will be the folder anything checked-out will copied. Select all those PDF files you want a copy out of TC and check them out. Even if they do not check-out to you, they will copy out to that directory. IF they do check-out to you, make sure you cancel the check-out.



Re: Multiple files (PDF) out of Tc at once


There is an Out of the Box, PLM XML Export, with the below transfer mode, which will do it for you.




Select All the Datasets ( PDF ),  then.. Tools -> Export -> PLMXML -> Select the Transfer Mode as "ConfiguredDataFilesExportDefault".


This should do the job, provoided, you have export privilages.

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