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NX 10 and Teamcenter

I am having some issues with using NX 10 through Teamcenter.


when I edit the arangements it changes all the arrangements 


When I try to create a new part, the XRX model and drawing templates to not show up. 



When I use NX through my desktop I have none if these issues. Does anyone know wth is going on?


Re: NX 10 and Teamcenter

The behavior should not be any different between native or managed NX.
How are you editing an arrangement such that all arrangements are changed? Are you moving a component? Is that component independently positioned or "same position in all"?

If templates are not displayed when creating a new part in managed NX, then it's quite possible that NX templates have not been imported into the database.

Regards, Ben

Re: NX 10 and Teamcenter

How would I go about importing templates into the database?

Re: NX 10 and Teamcenter