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Need help on customizing stylesheet



Need help on customizing stylesheet.


Stylesheet Type: Property


How to propagate some properties from Item Revisions under Solution Items folder to the change object revision?




CN00001/A Change Object have ITM00001/A under its solution items folder, some properties from ITM00001/A should be made available to Properties of CN00001.


I was able to achieve the above scenario by customizing the “Summary” stylesheet (using <ObjectSet>). However, I would to like to know whether it is possible to customize it in the “Property” stylesheet?





Re: Need help on customizing stylesheet

Dear Gopal,

ObjectSet stylesheet element is not supported in Property view.

Best approach would be to create a custom rendering hint (SWT/Swing) which is supported in 'Viewer' tab by using com.teamcenter.rac.common.renderingHint extension point.

Then use this renderinghint in stylesheet to CMHasSolutionItems relation property.

The rendering hint can read the secondary item revisions and display the required information as required



Re: Need help on customizing stylesheet

Dear Mahendra!

Do you have any experience with Custom Rendering Hints?

We wanted to create a custom SWT Rendering Hint for a similar reason as the thread opener.
However, we have failed to create a workable rendering hint using the Client Customization Programmer Guides sample.


Furthermore, it is not clear to us which methods for the loading of the property value are and which for storing it. Also we don't know how to embed a own SWT composite for the Rendering Hint.


If you have any additional information, documentation or examples, we would be very grateful.

Re: Need help on customizing stylesheet



I have some experience with custom rendering hints.

But we mostly extended COTS rendering hints to modify the behavior for our needs.

If you need a brand new UI component, you need to extend AbstractPropertyBean and then register it as a rendering hint.

AbstractPropertyBean methods needs to be either overridden or implemented for load and storing.




Re: Need help on customizing stylesheet

Hello Mahendra!

We are trying to make a own custom rendering hint but we have some trouble to activate it.

We have no experience with this sort of customization and unfortunately the documentation is very sparse.

Can you please give us a little sample project or review our project?


Thank you in advance!