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Options and variants: how to control subassembly


Hello All,


I have a question about suppressing parts in subassemblies using variant condition / options tools in Structure Manager.


Let's assume that we have the following product structure, which should be configurable from the Structure Manager of Teamcenter.



#1 Part 1 [variant condition driven]

#2 Part 2 [variant condition driven] 


      #1 Subpart 1 [variant condition driven]

      #2 Subpart 2 [variant condition driven]



The TEST ASSEMBLY can be build from the upper construction by suppressing redundant parts. The suppression is governed with a parameter (let's say CONFIGURATION = ONE, TWO) which is given by the user.


Thus, two variant structures are possible:


TEST ASSEMBLY (configuration = ONE)

#1 Part 1

#3 Test subassembly (build = FIRST)

      #1 Subpart 1


TEST ASSEMBLY (configuration = TWO)

#1 Part 2

#3 Test subassembly (build = SECOND)

      #2 Subpart 2


The problem is, Structure Manager can easily suppress parts directly below the main assembly (TEST ASSEMBLY), but not parts in the subassembly (TEST SUBASSEMBLY). The suppression of parts in the TEST SUBASSEMBLY is governed using its own parameter (here BUILD = FIRST, SECOND).


The CONFIGURATION parameter of the TEST ASSEMBLY (given by the user) is linked to the TEST SUBASSEMBLY parameter using CHILD MODULE CONSTRAINTS (see screenshot below). However, this does not seem to work and both subassembly parts are visible regardless of the CONFIGURATION parameter the user selects.


I wonder if I have messed up something, or where the problem lies.


Thank you in advance


Re: Options and variants: how to control subassembly

Siemens Honored Contributor Siemens Honored Contributor
Siemens Honored Contributor

Hi @TC_user_123,


Your question seems similar to your post here.  Are you still having problems?


Regards, Ben