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PLM XML TC Export Import Administration

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Hello everybody,


I am new at "PLM XML / TC XML Export Import Administration". Basically I want to transfer some of the Data into PLMXML. I think the Documentation isnt very helpful fpr beginners, because there are some explanations using the explaining word. Therefore I wanted to know some basic things about the PLMXML Administration and ask the community.


First of all whats the difference between primary and secondary Objects?

Where can I see how primary and secondary objects are related? Is it possible to see their relation in the BMIDE?


I would be grateful for any suggestions.




Re: PLM XML TC Export Import Administration

Hello, Linus,

Primary object is the one referring to a secondary object through a relation.
You can see the relations in the Details view in My Teamcenter, in 'Relation' column when you select an object. The selected object is primary and the objects in Details view are the secondary.

Re: PLM XML TC Export Import Administration

Thank you very much _bzuk_,

I tried how you said. So that means I can only export Data which I can see in "MyTeamcenter"?

I wanted to export some serach criteria Data. I looked the whole time how those Objects and Classes are connected in the BMIDE. Is it the wrong way then? Do I have all the information in Teamcenter?

Is there a method how I can understand the programm process?

For now I just selected the the UML-View in BMIDE. So I can say which are the children and which are the parent classes, but I dont see any Hint, through which funktions they could be connected. Is there any possibility?



Re: PLM XML TC Export Import Administration

I think you can see any data in "My Teamcenter" by using search or sending data from another perspective into "My Teamcenter".
Relations are properties of type Relation on primary business objects. So you can see them on Properties tab of a business object in BMIDE.