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Hello Community:


I am have Line Designer and Plant Simulation integrated to Teamcenter so I am trying to figure out how the information between Line Designer and Plant Sim works through Teamcenter. The next slide was used in  user conference but I still dont know how it work.



I have been able to exchange data between TC and Plant Sim but I have not been able to use for a example a layout created in Line Designer in Plant Simulation...


I would really apreciate if someone could explain what exctly can be done between Plant Sim and Line Designer and how this could be done?


I just have been able to import the information of a Collaboration Context into Plant Simulation using the PlantSimulationinterface into a table inside Plant Simulation.... but I dont see how a plant/working areas etc designed with line designer could be used in Plant Sim.

 I would apreciate any help with this.


Thanks in advance