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Pool manager is enable to launch tcserver

Hi Guys I hope that someone can help me with this issue.

On the server  NET. Server manager was running but one day it stopped and I got error "1053 the service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion".

Ok so I stopped all services and deleted TEMP dir.

Tried to start server manager still the same error.

I looked and find that SM stopped after updates. So I returned server to the state before the updates and received the same error with SM.

Then I decided that I will install J2EE SM. I removed IIS and 3.5.1 framework.

When SM installed it started in services but in server pool manager log I receive:

"Unable to launch server tcserver4@PoolA@5612@DIONIZwith C:\Programs\Siemens\Teamcenter10\bin\tcserver.exe id=tcserver4@PoolA@5612@SERVER managerID=IOR:000000000000004949444C3A636F6D2F7465616D63656E7465722F6A6574692F736572766572737562706F6F6C6D616E616765722F7463636F7262612F494865616C74684E6F7469666965723A312E300000000000000001000000000000006C000102000000000B31302E31302E31302E380000C9CC000000000016313933393630363332352F001841423F230E0F0140200000000000020000000000000008000000004A414300000000010000001C00000000050100010000000105010001000101090000000105010001 -ORBEndpoint iiop://SERVER -ORBNegotiateCodesets 0:com.teamcenter.jeti.serversubpoolmanager.ServerPoolManager$ServerStarter.startServer(Unknown Source) com.teamcenter.jeti.serversubpoolmanager.ServerPoolManager$ServerStarter"

I tried everything but I'm not able to repair this issue.

Does anybody have any idea what else should I try.





Re: Pool manager is enable to launch tcserver

Do you still have this issue or were you able to resolve it?

Re: Pool manager is enable to launch tcserver

I was able to resolve it. We restored the server to one month back. Since this was a test machine it was an option. And after this everything started to work. The customer went to production with this machine and until now this problem did not reapear.