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Printing DWG to PDF line thickness issue

Hi all,


Im not entireley sure this is the right place for this question but would appreciate it if someone could help.


I have to convert dwg and dwf files to PDF and I am finding problems with the line thinckness.


I am trying to print (to PDF) straight from the Teamcenter Visualization Base to create a monochrome pdf, but on many of the conversions the text appears faded because the line thickness is too low. The DWG in the viewer will appear correctly.


Any recomendations on solving this?


Kind Regards,






Re: Printing DWG to PDF line thickness issue


Have a look at the vvcp.ini file at the following section:

; For DWG files:
; Use this setting to specify the actual thickness of lines in DWG
; files with thicknesses defined as zero. This value must be a
; positive real number. The DwgThickness setting takes precedence over
; this setting.
; Default: (none)



Uncomment the thickness and enter a value. See if this affects the line thickness.


Re: Printing DWG to PDF line thickness issue

Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately this has had no effect on line thickness even when I put insanely high numbers in.

If you know any other ways of converting dwg to monochrome pdf files that would be a big help because this is driving me mad.

Kind regards,


Re: Printing DWG to PDF line thickness issue

There is a setting in Adobe that you need to change in order for it to display line thickness correctly. Open Adobe, Edit > Preferences, Somewhere in here. I haven't had to deal with that for many years and don't remember the exact preference but I just had to check the box and then all the lines show up correctly.

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‎11-21-2016 05:05 AM

Re: Printing DWG to PDF line thickness issue

It seemed to be a viewer issue, my default pdf viewer is pdf xchange, this seems to have an issue when viewing some of the pdfs. When I open up the converted drawing in Acrobat it dispays them more or less as they should.


Cheers guys,