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Process Item Types in Teamcenter MPP - Process Structure




I am facing a difficulty in understanding the purposes of Process Item Type in Teamcenter MPP. I have created a process structure using only MEProcess item type. As I see there are many other ME item type for Process Structure. 


Could anyone, please tell me what is the purposes of other ME item type for Process Structure in Teamcenter MPP. Please


  • MECompProcElem
  • MEGenRoboticOp
  • MEHumanOp
  • MELocateCompOp
  • MEObjectFlowOp
  • MEPrLineProcess
  • MEProcess
  • MEProcessModule
  • MEPrPlantProcess
  • MEPrProcess
  • MEPrStatnProcess
  • MEPrZoneProcess
  • MEWeldOp

Thank You in Advance.