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Product configurator, how to update all existing variants from the master assembly?


Hello All,


We have developed a modular product, which can be manufactured in several different (50>) assembly configurations. Although the variability is high, all products have similar basic construction and they share a high portion of parts and components. For this reason, we would like to use a product configurator, which can be used to maintain the product data in a centralized manner. This would ensure that if a change is made to the product, it must be updated to one place only, instead to all the created configurations.


We run a quick test and it would seem that the Teamcenter product configurator cannot be used to update the product structure (from Structure manager) to all created product variants. The displayed error is:




This can be bypassed by unlinking the created variants from Tools->Variants->Unlink variant item...

When all created variants have been unlinked from the master item, changes can be made to the configurator. However, these changes are obviously not updated to the existing variants that have been unlinked.


So the question is, is it possible to update existing variants once from the configurator somehow? This would greatly decrease our work that goes in product data management.


Thank you in advance!


Re: Product configurator, how to update all existing variants from the master assembly?

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
There are a couple of products that are designed for supporting variation. It sounds like you might have looked at Product Configurator already (Configure to Order) and possibly Rulestream (Engineer to Order) or a combination of both CTO+E and ETO+C. Another product you should investigate is Platform Designer since it allows you to create architectures and manage them using Named Variant Expressions (NVE's). Here's a partial description:
Platform Designer is useful when designers are working with highly configurable variant structures that include huge amounts of variant data that must be kept consistent with a master in other business systems. It provides a variant authoring wizard that guides the user through the application of the correct variant data (variant conditions) when adding their new design solution to the CAD product structure. You work within a hierarchy of logical architecture nodes, rather than the actual physical assemblies that you manage in Structure Manager.

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