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Product itself and other components in the package.




Our company is new user of teamcenter and we are wondering what is the easiest way to manage BOM where we want to separate product assembly structure and still keep information what comes into the package. Installation kit, stickers, plastic pags, package, labels.. etc.




Re: Product itself and other components in the package.

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Not sure if you mean CAD when you talk about the product assembly structure? The stuff you mention for BOM we call "colored parts". Those are colors which don't change the physical structure of the part (modeled the same) or labels or oil, etc. that are not modeled in CAD.

Siemens introduced a level of abstraction to handle this scenario called the CAD-BOM alignment which separates the Design from the Parts. Where the Part BOM is separate but related to the CAD BOM. The alignment comes into play to ensure that everything in the CAD BOM is consumed in the Part BOM. The Part BOM contains the colored parts.


You can read more about this on PLM Dojo:


BCT Technology offers some great screen shots and an explanation:


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