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Project Name


Hello, please tell me, is it correct to use the project name and counter
for naming parts in the small company ?
Is there a limit to the number of lines in the BMIDE drop-down list?
Projects no more than 20 .


Project_Name - nnnn
Project_Name1 - nnnn
Project_Name2 - nnnn


It seemed to us that it would be convenient when searching -
the detail ID coincides with the name of the project.


Re: Project Name

Can I assume that  you are going to also create the Projects in Teamcenter and then also assign each part to a Project?  If so, then including the Project within the part number is redundant.  (You will be able to search for parts in specific Projects without including the Project in the part number).

Re: Project Name


@CraigPoulson Thanks for the reply
We are just thinking how to organize everything correctly ...


Re: Project Name

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

@luckysever  - this sounds like smart part numbering. Smart part numbering is not a good idea, IMO. You should use a random number. Add the items to a Project in Teamcenter after creation. That way they can be shared between multiple projects - think screws, nuts, consumables, purchased parts. You wouldn't want these as different part numbers just because of a project number. If you don't want to use projects, you could use a attribute (array) and an LOV or even a dynamic LOV. All your intellegence in a smart part number shouldn't be stored in the part number but in an attribute so you can search on it. 

Jamie Griffis | Teamcenter Architect | Applied CAx, LLC