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Project based specification


Hi, I have a KBE part which I want to create project based specifications (different specifications for each project) since the part changes. Is there a way to do this in Teamcenter?


Re: Project based specification

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With 'project', I assume you are not referring to tc_project (teamcenter terminology), here is a way (there are other ways) of doing it:

  1. Create a new Item type (in BMIDE) to denote a 'project' object
  2. Set up a 'project' property through BMIDE (if possible not on IMAN_specification) on the part - document relation
  3. In BMIDE set up a dynamic LOV to query & display (and filter using 'project' object properties) all 'project' objects
  4. Attach dynamic LOV to 'project' property on the relation


From usage perspective, this simple configuration will allow users to select a 'project' each time they wish to associate project specification to KBE part.