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Question on importing plmxml into TeamCenter

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hello, everyone.

I am importing a PLMXML file into TC.

In the xml, there are some ProductRevision  nodes. Each node indicates which revision of the product shall be used in the bom line. For an example: 

<ProductRevision  id="id201"  accessRefs="#id10" masterRef="#id101" subType="Design Part Revision"  revision="010"></ProductRevision>


My question is:

Is there any method to make TC automatically use the "Latest Wroking" or the "Latest Released" revision of the items in the BOM Lines? (so that I do not the ProductRevision  nodes.)

Accepted by topic author Huahua
a month ago

Re: Question on importing plmxml into TeamCenter




You can specify a revision rule in PLMXML import transfer mode ( as DBA in PLXML Export Import Administration application).


Is this what you were looking for?




Re: Question on importing plmxml into TeamCenter

sorry for my late reponse.

I think this is a feasible way. Thank you very much! I am a newcomer to TeamCenter.

Could you please tell me how to set this revision rule in detail?