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Rapid Start'ers and Others: How to Label Posts for Greater Community Response and Collaboration

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Community Manager

As the Teamcenter community user and administrative forums have grown over the years, it can be overwhelming to search, find, and refer to past posts! 


Do you know there's a handy "Label" feature to help organize, find, and subscribe to forum posts by topic?


I recently had a request from Teamcenter Rapid Start customers for a dedicated forum. The good news is, there's already a forum and if you use Labels, you can create a collection of forum posts that are easier to find and subscribe to.




These instructions aren't just for Teamcenter Rapid Start customers, but for everyone using the forums to get more response to your posts -- and more value from the community collaboration.


How to search posts by Label:

Instead of navigating and searching through all the forum posts, start by looking to see if there's a Label already on the list for your topic -- click through the Labels, and you'll only see posts related to that topic. 




How to subscribe to a Label to follow a specific topic:

There is a long list of Labels, so it's easy to keep up with forum posts of interest through subscription. When you click on a Label, you will see the option of subscribing to that Label so you are notified when new content is posted. You can see whether you're subscribed or unsubscribed (and change your setting) easily:





(You can choose whether to get notifications instantly, daily, or weekly, using subscription preferences from the pull-down under your top-right name when you're logged in.)


How to label your posts so others can find and comment:


Forum_label_2.JPGEveryone plays a part in making the Label feature work. As long as you're logged in, you're a community member and entitled to post articles, so be sure you're making the most of your post for greater response and collaboration. 


When you complete the Label field, best practice is to use an existing label (i.e., Active Workspace, rapid start) and spell it out, rather than making up a variation or using an acronym (i.e., AWC, TcRS).You can use as many labels as relate to your topic. (Note that I've added the standard Labels to this post that we use in the blog and knowledge base.)


If you've already posted in the forums, try going back through your posts and adding Labels -- see if that makes a difference in the level of response! This will help us build up the collection of posts related to a topic and make it easier for others to search and find.