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Remove Anchor Revision from a Dataset

Hello Experts, I am trying to remove specific number of anchor revisions from Dataset Revision anchor. I tried using following ITK calls (options) but no luck. Option #1: AE_ask_anchor_revision( revision_anchor, 1, &a_revision ) /* This will return the Anchor Revision of particular Dataset Revision Anchor */ AE_remove_anchor_revision(revision_anchor, a_revision) /* Should remove the particular Anchor Revision, however its not working */ Option #2 : AE_set_anchor_keep_limit( revision_anchor, 3 ) /* Set the keep_limit value *? AE_anchor_make_room( revision_anchor ) /* Should remove all the versions accoriding to keep_limit vaue, this even doesn't work*/ Any suuport on this will be of great help. Thanks & Regards, Gopal