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Remove item in workflow status


Hi Guys,


Good day!


I just want to ask of how to remove an Item in workflow so that I can delete the item. It doesn't let me delete a certain item because it is referenced in a workflow. What are the commands that I can use to remove it?

I do have Teamcenter 8.3.


Thank you in advance!


Re: Remove item in workflow status

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


You'll need to cut the Item out of the workflow's Targets or Referenced folder.  When viewing the Item in the Impact Analysis tab, select Where Referenced, and right click on the workflow job that is pointiing to the Item. Choose Send To - Workflow Viewer.  There you'll be able to see the Target and Reference objects for that Workflow.


Of course all that assumes that it's appropriate to remove that Item from the Workflow, or that you have permissions to do so.  You might need an Administrator's help.


Re: Remove item in workflow status


Hai Jasson


Right the suggest from Don, Any alternatif for deleting item TC as user.

If your item in context with workflow you must abort from workflow, sent to workflow process=>right click workflow then abort. make sure the item not reference with other assembly.