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Replace deprecated API IDFR_create_aliasid() with TCTYPE_create_object to create AlternateID


How to create an Alternate ID for Identifier object  with TCTYPE_construct_create_input as function IDFR_create_aliasid(...) have been deprecated.

I have found solution for creation of AliasID, modified it to create AlternateID but it puts following error msg:

- given %1$s when expecting %2$s in function TCTYPE_create_object( aliasIdCreInTag, &aliasId );


TCTYPE_find_type( "Identifier", "", &identifierType );
The following ITK code should help in creating an Identifier object.

TCTYPE_construct_create_input( identifierType, &aliasIdCreInTag );
AOM_set_value_logical( aliasIdCreInTag, "isAlternateID", true );
AOM_set_value_tag( aliasIdCreInTag, "altid_of", NULLTAG );
AOM_set_value_tag( aliasIdCreInTag, "suppl_context", NULLTAG );
TCTYPE_create_object( aliasIdCreInTag, &aliasId );
AOM_delete( aliasId )