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Revise alternate ID with SOA




I'm able to create an alternate identifier on the first item revision of an item. But when I try to revise this alternate identifier for a second item revision, SOA API throws the following error:


Teamcenter Error for ClientId  occurred: Level: 3, Code: 7007, Message: Invalid Tag NULL object (in object) - the requested object does not exist


I attached two screenshots to illustrate the problem. The first one depicts the situtation before calling reviseObjects(), the second one shows a new alternate identifier created with RAC.


I'd tried to revise my alternate identifier with the following code:

(the type of reviseMO is PS2IdRev, my alternate identifier revision.


DataManagementService dmService = DataManagementService.getService(session);
ReviseIn input = new ReviseIn();
input.targetObject = reviseMO;
Map<String, String[]> map = new HashMap<String, String[]>();
map.put("idfr_id", new String[] { "2" });
input.reviseInputs = map;
ReviseObjectsResponse response = dmService.reviseObjects(input);