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SOA / TCCS Setup (2-Tier)

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i have a few questions regarding the soa/tccs setup process:


We have a 2-Tier environment setup. As of 11.2, CORBA/IIOP based SOA has been deprecated, in favor of TCCS.

I'm working through the example applications. Currently "Hello Teamcenter".

Two questions:

  1. When setting tup up client communications(Maintenance->CCS->Use Configurations end Environments) via tem.bat, one is required to provide environment settings (Step 4). Where do i find out the URI of my TCCS env? The documentation says
    "This is the endpoint URI for the web tier deployment, for example, http://host:port/tc."
    I'm working in an existing environment, i've not accompanied the installation procedure, so any hints where to find these informations are hightly appreciated!
  2. If i understand the documentation right, in SOA, i'd use "tccs://<EnvName>" as hostname when working with AppXSession Object, right? With <EnvName> Name beeing the Name i gave to the env in Step 4, see Question 1.
  3. Other steps i might have missed? I feel like i'm missing a central piece of information.

Relevant links in the TC-Documentation: "Enable TCCS using TEM", "How to integrate Teamcenter services with TCCS"


Many thanks in advance!

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‎07-07-2017 07:34 AM

Re: SOA / TCCS Setup (2-Tier)



for 2-tier, the URI I think should be: 



In the example above: 

server == localhost

Markername == TcServer1



Re: SOA / TCCS Setup (2-Tier)

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Alternateively, you can use the URL of your TCCS env as "tccs://<serverHost>" and specify the TCCS envt name  separately.  In this case you have to comment out the line with "host.Substring...." like I did in my code and this worked for me at least in 4-Tier.


else if (host.StartsWith("tccs"))
                proto = SoaConstants.TCCS;
                int envNameStart = host.IndexOf('/') + 2;
                envNameTccs = "TcEnv1"; // host.Substring(envNameStart, host.Length - envNameStart);


Re: SOA / TCCS Setup (2-Tier)

Thanks for your Feedback!
Setting the URI to iiop:<our_host>:1572/TcServer1 fails because it doesn't recognise iiop as a valid protocol. Any thoughts on that? (Regarding step/question 1).
IIRC, TCCS uses iiop internally to communicate with TC right?

What's up with the Markername? I didn't encounter something like that (at least if if recall correctly).

Re: SOA / TCCS Setup (2-Tier)

for 2-tier setup, you should find it in is in %TC_ROOT%\iiopservers directory.