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Search/Find Checked Out Models within Assembly

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Does anyone know of a way to search in Teamcenter for an assembly and find all items at all levels that are checked out within that assembly?
The goal is to have a way to do mass check ins for maintenance purposes of that entire assembly.


Maybe a simplier way to ask this is there a way to generate a list of items within an assembly so the NX objects and BOM's associated with this items are visible for check in and check out.



Re: Search/Find Checked Out Models within Assembly

There are 2 options:

open assembly in structure manager and


1.  in toolbar at the top, you will find toolbar with tooltip "Show/hide Structure Manger Search Panel". Also with menu  under "View". This requires license.


2. In the bottom left there is toolbar with tooltip "Find components in Display". This requires NO license.

Re: Search/Find Checked Out Models within Assembly

If you want to find assemblies with checked-out objects maybe the following query helps:




Should work for precise assemblies with checked-out datasets that have IMAN_specification relation.

The same way you can search for checked-out itemrevisions.


Re: Search/Find Checked Out Models within Assembly

Please excuse my ignorance, would I use the query you have shown in the find components search tool within the structure manager and if so how do I go about doing that?

It appears I don't have a license for the mentioned Show/Hide Search Results Panel.


I've also found a column within the structure manager, not sure if it was coded by Siemens or our IT department, called "ExCO - Explore Check Out." It appears to show a C in the cell if any dataset within the item revision is checked out.


Now the next hurdle, after knowing what is checked out, is there a way to check in mass amounts of the checked out data sets within several Items? The only way I've known to do that is to find all the users that have items checked out and search for objects checked out by them and with those search results, select all and check in.



Re: Search/Find Checked Out Models within Assembly

The last post would help to build a query in query builder that helps to find assemblies with checked-out datasets. It looks like you don't have to search for the assembly.

If the ItemRevision is checked-out it should be possible to find the checked-out objects with the attribute you mentioned (it is OOTB) and check them in (if you have the right to do it). If just the dataset of the ItemRevision is checked out you have to select them manually and check them in. This is quite some effort, cacheless search would make it easier but it needs an additional license.


Re: Search/Find Checked Out Models within Assembly

Someone that belongs to the DBA group can perform a mass checkin. But you may not want to do that. When a user has a dataset checked out, they may have a modified copy loaded on their workstation. When the dba checks in the Dataset, not the original user, the modified copies are not uploaded back into Teamcenter and the modifications can be lost. Only the original user should check in Datasets they have checked out so that modifications are not lost. Mass checkin of ItemRevisions, Forms and BOMs do not present the same challenge as Datasets. Be wary when Datasets are involved.

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