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Setting Effectivity values via SOA

Good day everybody, good night everybodybodyelse.


I am trying to set effectivity values for an item remotely using SOA, initially my plan was:

1) Obtain the revision

2) Obtain the StatusRelease Object I need

3) set its properties, specially its effectivity_text directly. 


The property is shown in the Properties window of the StatusRelease element from RAC. So the plan looked simple, obtain the Object, set its "effectivity_text" to the desired value and we are done. 1 and 2 work as expected but I am obtaining no properties at all in the ReleaseStatus object no matter the policy I use. Somehow effectivity related values are private to the class and cannot be accessed directly.


Any idea of how to set the effectivity values of a StatusRelease object from SOA code? Is EffectivityManagement service capable of doing it? Any hint? 


Re: Setting Effectivity values via SOA



Exception in thread "main" Error Msg.:

Property Effectivity is not modifiable.
Error Val.: Property Effectivity is not modifiable.