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Some PDF not opening on newly migrated servers


We have migrated to new server machines where we have installed Teamcenter8.3. Unfortuntaley some of the PDFs open while some others don't from Teamcenter on the new servers. I get the "No compatible tool found" error. Looking at the 2 pdfs i found that for the ones that opens, the Tool type is defined as PDF_Tool  while for the ones that does not open, the Tool type is "Image Viewer". I know this I probably need to define the MIME type for Image Viewer, but am not very clear what exactly has to be defined for Image Viewer. I tried creating MIME types in registry based on some intructions I found, but it doesn't work.

Any help on this would be appreciated. We are on Windows2008R2.


Re: Some PDF not opening on newly migrated servers

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All PDF's should probably use the PDF_Tool tool type. The Image Viewer tool type is intended for images like jpg, png, gif, etc. There have been changes to IE with respect to PDF support so be careful if you've upgraded the servers' operating system. You may need to change from the PDFViewer to TCTwoDViewer (see SFB-Teamcenter-7590).

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