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Storing datasheets

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Valued Contributor

I want to store in TC datasheets in pdf of some components. In some cases, each datasheets contains the information of one item so in this case it is easy to store the datasheet inside the item. But in other cases the datasheet is the same for several items so I would like to find the best approach for storing it and easily find it, see where it is used and replace it for other pdf in case the information is updated by our supplier.


Re: Storing datasheets

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When you add a dataset to the item revision, It will have a same ID,Revision as item revision.


By selecting the multiple item revisions > CTRl+D, you can add a single dataset to the selected item revisions. But the name of the dataset will be same (As one of the selected item revision). If you update the dataset file by using 'Named References', changes will be reflected in the all datasets. By Impact Analysis (Where Referenced) you can trace the item revisions where the dataset is referenced/used.


Re: Storing datasheets

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I assume you are not specifically looking to manage material datasheets only. if you are, then I would suggest the use of material management feature in TC.


In any case, the principle would be to: Use a document type (sub-type from OOTB document object), set up attributes (through BMIDE) on the document type for search and filter, attach PDF datasheets to Document object instance. Then associate the document object (Secondary obj) to Part Object (Primary Obj).


I believe, this covers your scenario of same datasheet for multiple Items / parts as well.



Re: Storing datasheets

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Valued Contributor

I didnt know I can change the pdf of a dataset by named references.


I am trying to manage not only material datasheets but all kind of datasheets. We have already created a dataset for documentation not only datasheet but I think it will suit the purpose.


Thank you both

Re: Storing datasheets

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
Another possibility, aligned with @HarishVenkat, is to implement the Vendor Management solution (free w/TC). Then use a Commercial Item to store the objects and relate them to your Design Item. Note: this approach allows you to specify preferred and alternate vendors.

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