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Structure in AWC

Hi All,


I have installed AWC client. I can see item properties, item revision properties etc. But I dont' view the structure created under it. What I need to do here? Is there any documetation available for that?





Re: Structure in AWC

Hi Rupesh,

 First search for assembly in AWC then click on the content tab on the left side you should see child parts listed.

attaching screen for reference.

Re: Structure in AWC

Hi Saurabh,


Thanks for your reply.  I tried the steps you mentioned, but still cannot see structure. Are there any additional configurations I need to do? I have installed Active content but still cannot see any structure.

Re: Structure in AWC

Rather I cannot see Content tab. Any inputs here? Thanks.

Re: Structure in AWC



Select a revision of your pipe (in print screen we can see A or B).


On the revision item you should see the Content tab if your pipe has any BoM underneath.




Re: Structure in AWC

Hello Fabien,


Thanks for your reply. I can see the Content now. Issue was with the BOM I was trying to view.