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StyleSheet configuration


Our requirement is to display CMMaturity (OOTB field on Change Object Revision) on SUMMARY stylesheet in a way to make it easier for end-user to figure out what all Maturity stages changeObject has been through, current stage and all pending stages.


for ex. Maturity stages are Elaborating, Planning, Execute, Implement


expectation is to show


Elaborating -> Planning -> Execute -> Implement


Where Changeobject has been through Elaborating & planning stage; currently at Execute stage and Implement is still pending.


Thus, we are looking for some visual way to distinguish these stages (not necessarily as shown above)...


  • We don’t have any custom jar, hence any codeful/custom rendering is not an option
  • must stick to stylesheet configuration


Solutions Tried/roadblocks


  • Having all possible combination string ready and display one of them
    • Visiblewhen does not work with ‘Label’ tag
    • There is no way to have multiple formatting styles for substring mentioned as ‘Label’ text
  • Show all LOV values (corresponding to CMMatutity) in execution order
    • Rendering Hints
      • Radiobuttonoptionlov
      • Checkboxoptionlov

Above rendering options show all LOV values only in edit mode (when object is checked-out) and show only current value in read mode(checked-in)


Re: StyleSheet configuration


Hi Gunjan,

One way could be to have 4 pages on your stylesheet with visibleWhen for each page based on the value of the CMMaturity.


Each page could have a simple text label with the stage of the CMMaturity in bold.


for example:

<page title="Execute " visibleWhen="CMMaturity ==Execute "> 

<label text="Elaborating"/>

<label text="Planning"/>

<label text="Execute" style="font-size:10pt;font-style:plain;font-family:Tahoma;font-weight:bold"/>  

<label text="Implement"/>



There are probaly better ways of displaying this on a page so it stands out but you get the idea!




Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant

Re: StyleSheet configuration

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your response.
Yes, I tried having new separate pages for all lov values and display one of them, based on current value.
But it was rejected as adding new page for one or two properties is not convincing enough to management.

I have got one more idea to change the localization value of the CMMaturity in BMIDE.
Something like

CMMaturity's localization value set to Maturity (stage 1 -> stage 2 -> stage3 -> stage4)

And this will be shown in UI as

Maturity (stage 1 -> stage 2 -> stage3 -> stage4) : <>

I am giving it a shot and see if it is acceptable.

Thanks & Regards,

Re: StyleSheet configuration


Hi Gunjan,

I would have 4 pages, but all of them are exactly the same apart from CMMaturity section. So have all your properties that you usually display on all 4 pages. Only display 1 page at a time though using visbleWhen.


For example...

You may currently have 1 page called "Change", and its got Maturity, Name, Description, Modified Date etc.  Duplicate this page and its properties to "Stage1", "Stage2", "Stage3" and "Stage4" - and remove the original "Change" page.  Then, using visibleWhen show the correct page with the customized Maturity section I put in my last post.


So, you havent got 1 page with 1 property on, you display a page with all the properties on but with a different Maturity section.


Hope this makes sense?!


Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant