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Sub Revisions or Versions in Teamcenter

A commonly used config requirement is to handle revisions of drawings as sub revisions of parts for example;

123456-01              (Part Rev 01)

   123456M-01.1      (Manufacturing Drawing Version 1 of Part Rev 01)

   123456M-01.2      (Manufacturing Drawing Version 2 of Part Rev 01)

   123456M-01.3      (Manufacturing Drawing Version 3 of Part Rev 01)

   123456Q-01.1      (Quality Control Drawing Version 1 of Part Rev 01)

123456-02              (Part Rev 02)

   123456M-02.1      (Manufacturing Drawing Version 1 of Part Rev 02)

   123456Q-02.1      (Quality Control Drawing Version 1 of Part Rev 02)


What is the best way to set this up in TC? Obviously the Part and Drawing will need to be managed in seperate items. To ensure unique revisions of the drawing 01.1 has to be used instead of just 1. I have not been to find a way that the 01 is somehow inherited from the part that it is based on, it seems this needs to be manually entered leaving some room for error. Has anyone out there managed to set up a nice solution for this scenario. I imagine creating the drawing item with a specific relation of the part item being selected, using a IRDC or something similar or something from the CAD interface. It would be nice if TC had something like a Sub Item Revision.


Re: Sub Revisions or Versions in Teamcenter

Depending on what CAD tool you are using … and/or what the driving factors are, here are a couple possibilities.


CAD integrations maintain a precise relation between a drawing and a part. A user will determine the revision of the Part the drawing will be linked to and the characteristics of the Item where the drawing will be saved.


If the numbering scheme is not critical then NX would do it as follows … where a precise model/rev is referenced by a drawing/rev.

123456 (Item – Model)

  • 123456/01 (revision)
  • 123456/02 (revision)

123456D (Item – Drawing)

  • 123456D/01 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456D/02 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456D/03 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456D/04 (revision) -> 123456/02

123456Q (Item – Quality Drawing)

  • 123456Q/01 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456Q/02 (revision) -> 123456/02


But if you want to control the revision name so it looked like this, you may be able to declare a different Item Type for the drawings and define the way that revision names are assigned to those Item Types.

123456 (Item – Model)

  • 123456/01 (revision)
  • 123456/02 (revision)

123456D (Item – Drawing)

  • 123456D/01.1 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456D/01.2 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456D/01.3 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456D/02.1 (revision) -> 123456/02

123456Q (Item – Quality Drawing)

  • 123456Q/01.1 (revision) -> 123456/01
  • 123456Q/02.1 (revision) -> 123456/02


... providing additional feedback, if you are using the CATIA integration it may also be possible to define a drawing parameter that will take its value from a part used on the drawing. Parameters can be used to set properties of a new Item created when saving the Drawing (via attribute mapping or directly into the creation dialog at first save). I suspect it would be possible to construct a parameter in CATIA that will reflect the key characteristics of the Part a Drawing is related to (ID+Revision) and use it during the creation process.


To get more detailed information  on how to structure the best solution for your company’s specific environment, you should also contact your local Siemens PLM account team.  They will be better able to gather the specific information and detail needed to help define a solution that works best for you.


Re: Sub Revisions or Versions in Teamcenter

Thank you Dennis. I have setup a different Item type for the drawing but have not been able to find any way to name the Revision automaticaly, dependant on that of the part it is based on, not in TC, nor via the mappings in the CAD (SolidEdge). If you learn of a way please let me know.

Does anyone know how to show these relations between parts and drawings in the reverse order in TC? So that it is possible to see all the drawings based on a Revision under that Revision or its Item. As is now the Impact Analysis functionality needs to be used to identify drawing for a specific Revision.