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T4S - Multiple job agents for a batch job

As part of our current solution, we configured ECN workflow to create batch job and publish all MM and DIR objects into SAP with one batch job. If there are many objects to be published into SAP as part of workflow, it takes long time to complete the workflow as we publish using one job agent [one job is taken by one job agent].
To reduce the time of publish is there any way to either create multiple batch jobs for a single workflow or multiple agents picking one batch job and processing it simultaneously.

Please provide your suggestions on this. If anyone tried this, help me out. Thanks.


Re: T4S - Multiple job agents for a batch job


Are there multiple targets(Item Revisions) in the workflow? If so, then initiate T4S workflow for each target which will create multiple T4S batch jobs and you can have multiple job agents to process them in parallel

Re: T4S - Multiple job agents for a batch job

There can n number of targets with depedency b/w each other (Say Object link creation b/w MM and DIR). We are looking for parallel processing of targets for each task. For example: If there are 50 targets in WF, 5 batch jobs has to created with each having 10 objects as targets for each task. This way we can increasing the time of publish.


Sorry for the late reply..