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TC Unrelease continued


Hi Randy,


I looked at your note regarding unreleasing files. I like it, it looks easy however, for me things never work the first time.


Looking at the comand prompt it is looking for a status name. What is this name, where will I find it?


It also brings me to another question,


What is the propper way to release, is it selecting the revision or Dataset. I learnt that releasing an item will lock everything in it contains. so I will not do that again, I assume it is meant for when the project is completely wrapped up or obsolete. Selectingh the revision makes most sense to me. Is this correct?


Thanks in advance,2017-03-08_12-49-48.jpg2017-03-08_12-58-33.jpg




Re: TC Unrelease continued

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Hi @stanvdm1, Releasing the Item will prevent users from making another Item Revision which I like to do when applying the "Obsolete" status. Releasing the Item Revision is correct for most use-cases. Some companies like to see the status flag beside the Item Revision and its Datasets in which case the Item Revision and its Datasets should all be attached as targets to the same workflow.


The Status required by the utilitiy is actually the status name. The easiest way to find the status name is to select the Item Revision and pick the Details tab. The status column will show the status name. Names with spaces must be quoted. I think 30 is actually "Development Released" in TcRS. See attached picture for other status names.


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