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TC Vis Session files

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Siemens Builder

Hi Experts;

I would like to maintain same conditions as I define in one session file in TC Vis that is for an Itemrevision

and I have to continue working but now with a new Itemrevision of same product.

As a exemple I change colors of parts ,make some sections and measurements and make some snapshots and put markups in a session file for current Itemrevision; now the product is revised and as a consequent

I have to work with new jt files in order to get new Itemrevision but I would not like to have to rework new jt files (properties defined in previous Itemrevision--colors,sections,measurements,tec).

Do You know how can I continue working with new jt files but with properties previously defined in old Itemrevision session file?


Thanks in advanced for your help 


Re: TC Vis Session files

PLM World Member Experimenter PLM World Member Experimenter
PLM World Member Experimenter



This might be a good news bad news reply, I am attaching a document chapter 4-5 covers alot of detail on Session files and Product views. 


Good news is saving a product view does give you ability to change item revision, but they do not have all the functionality of a session. If you are like myself you would like some combination of them both.


2016-04-13 11-57-52_ProductViews vs Sessions .pptx - PowerPoint.jpg