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We are using the TC10 with TCVis in the assembly shop line for graphics model viewer.  We found a major different from ver10 to ver11.

In ver10 one can save a VFZ format that combined of the TCVis snapshots and the JT source, so the user can choose if he wants to update the assembly model or keep working on his current version(FVZ), this is a correct senario.


However in TC ver 11 it looks like the VFZ not exists anymore so the user must use the VF format. So, during the work the models can be changed even if he choose a static structure option, because of jt parts update.

The user of the viewer should have the capability to choose if he wants to received th update assembly or still work on his current version regardles the updates was made of the assembly or parts.


Are there any other way to keep the current TCVis assembly parts and structue as long as the user decided to as in TC10?





Betreff: TC10 / TC11 VIS VFZ

Gears Legend Gears Legend
Gears Legend

Hello Eyal,

we have done tests years ago with version 10 and 11.

In version 10 it was only the "classic design" existing + some extra mods.

In version 11 it also existing the NG version, think NG stands for new generation.

However, in both it was possible to create a VFZ file for us.

If this main thing for collaboration thrown out, it is one of the bad things for TCvis that can happen.

I think it still exists.

If you cannot do this make a call to GTAC (with your reseller).


Best Regards