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TcSE Specify A Template

Is there a way in TcSE where I can specify an MS-Word template to be used when opening (for edit) an object?

I do not mean the object templates that are used to specify what attributes are shown when a object is exported. I want to have a  Word document defined that already has some content tat will automatically be applied to all new instances of a specific object subtype .... The purpose being to prompt the user to provide a standard set of information for every requiremnent.






Re: TcSE Specify A Template

Now I left the SE_COE and TcSE late in the version 8 lifecycle.  As of version 8 this was not an option.  I cannot guarantee this is still true in later versions of TcSE.  I may be mistaken but I seem to remember some of the more creative types in the group figuring out some very customization heavy modifications to enable this.  



Aaron Paluzzi

Re: TcSE Specify A Template

Sorted - I added an AutoOpen macro to the Word Template normal.dotm and checked

a) was the document type an MHTML

b) was the number of characters <1


If both were true I could assume I was opening a new TcSE object and add the defaul tex as required. Of course, the limittion of this is that it has to be set up on th PC of each user. A better option would be to write an activator if you have scripting access.

Re: TcSE Specify A Template

[ Edited ]

As mentioned in my 'solution' above. Using the Normal template has some drawbacks ... everyone neeeds a copy and it slows down Word opening. :-(


SO ...

Is there a way to embed an AutoNew or AutoOpen macro in a TcSE Style Sheeet, such that - when an object is opened for editing, the macro runs.