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TeamCenter Revise problem

Hi, I have a problem with revising an Item or want to have suggestions how to do this. I am using C# or sometimes Java and the SOA interface by Simens.
In my application I want to make a new revision, thats no problem. In the new Revision I want to delete all or parts of my datasets (links). How can I delete the relation that follows from the original revision? I have not found anything regarding this operation i TeamCenter. Anyone have an idea?   

best regard



Re: TeamCenter Revise problem

If you want to remove those datasets from all "new" revisions of the item type, then why don't you use deep copy rules? You can set them up in BMIDE.


Thanks and Regards

Yogesh Fegade

Re: TeamCenter Revise problem

you can also set deep copy rules in your program with ReviseInfo.deepCopyInfo if this behavior you want is specific to this application.