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Teamcenter 11.2 installation - license error

I've been trying to install Teamcenter 11.2.0a (GTAC) but every time the installer fails when the license is checked. The most common error is 10042: License Error, Error while attempting to get FLEX daemon version.


I'm runnig the SPLM License Server v8.2.4 and my license seems to be accepted fine. I can run Simcenter 11.0 using this same license server, but Teamcenter refuses to install.


Any suggestions what I could try? I'm running Windows 10 on a 64-bit machine.


Re: Teamcenter 11.2 installation - license error

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Do you have Teamcenter licenses inside?


You should use fresh TC build 11.3.1.

Re: Teamcenter 11.2 installation - license error

Indeed, it seemed to be a compatibility issue. Doing nothing different, 11.3.1 installed immediately.


While I now have an installed version of Teamcenter, I can't seem to open the program. I try logging in with the user account create during installation in the DB dialog, and enter localhost as the server. When I click Login, a progress bar starts at the bottom of the Window but it just keeps going and going... Even when I enter random user and password data, it just keeps going.


Seems like I'm either trying to contact the wrong server ('localhost'), or my server isn't running, or ... ?

Re: Teamcenter 11.2 installation - license error

Long way be front of youSmiley Happy

What kind of installation did you make??
4T or 2T?
DB client is only for internal communication between TC and DB not between End Client and TC.
Default TC admin login is infodba pass infodba.

You have to install:
TC Server + 2T client (this is bare minimum to see teamcenter menuSmiley Happy)
Login infodba Pass infodba.
If you have Saba account you can reach some guides how to install this monster or use regular documentation available on GTAC. Installation of TCRS is well documented there.

You have to have webkey

Re: Teamcenter 11.2 installation - license error

I did a Foundation + 4T + 2T installation. I now have an Environment Manager, a Command Prompt and TeamCenter 11 shortcuts in my start menu.


When I click the Teamcenter 11 logo, it goes to a login screen, but the Server textbox is empty and no matter what combination I put in the progress bar just keeps going (even for hours, no error message or anything).