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Teamcenter 11 windows opening twice


Hi, very new to Teamcenter but recently we moved from TC10 to TC11 and I have a new Dell Precision 5510 laptop with Windows 7 professional OS installed.

When I click on certain commands such as Revise and Save As two identical windows are opening, one on top of the other. It is almost like a double click action.

Has anyone else out there come across this and if so did you manage to find a solution.

I have tried reinstalling Teamcenter & Java, adjusting mouse settings and uninstalling almost all my other programs on this laptop. None of this has worked, the problem persists.

Other laptops in our company are not affected.


Re: Teamcenter 11 windows opening twice

For each command you are getting two dialouge opened or to very specific commands in Teamcenter ?


For any other application except Teamcenter, Are you facing similar kind of issue?


I hope TC client is installed on your Laptop? so for any other users which are pointing same server having issue?


But personally I dont think its Teamcenter related issue.