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Teamcenter Customization

How to find out the list of users in organization who have not logged in teamcenter from last one month


Re: Teamcenter Customization

Please have a look at the OOTB query __Admin - User Login IP Address and Login Time. 

Re: Teamcenter Customization

I created a POM query which gives me the list of users that have not logged in from last one month but how to find the same thing in whole organization:


const char *select_attr_list[] = {"user_name"};
int rows,cols;
void*** results;
char *id;
date_t aDate;

ITK_string_to_date("01-Jan-2017 10:47", &aDate);
POM_enquiry_set_date_value("aEnqId", "aValId", 1, &aDate,POM_enquiry_bind_value);
POM_enquiry_set_attr_expr("aEnqId", "aExpId", "name","last_login_time", POM_enquiry_greater_than_or_eq, "aValId");
POM_enquiry_set_where_expr( "aEnqId", "aExpId");
POM_enquiry_execute("aEnqId", &rows, &cols, &results);
cout<<" "<<rows<<" "<<cols;

for (int i=0; i<rows; i++)
for (int j=0; j<cols; j++)
printf("%s\t", results[i][j]);




Re: Teamcenter Customization

I have been using below method to find out last login time.

Serach -> More.. -> Select "__Users Last Login Date" -> Give Person Name : *
It will list all the users. There Just select column "last_login_time".