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Teamcenter Form - Best Practise


 I am looking for some suggestions regarding usage of Teamcenter Form. Few years back, We use to hear that Teamcenter Form will go away but it still exists.

Currently our best practise is that we don't use Form unless we need to provide security on certain attributes. No CAD system required any Form attributes for must.

- Is it going to hurt us if some attributes are on form from previous release, in future, except fot performance.

- Is it going to go away at all


Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.





Re: Teamcenter Form - Best Practise

Forms are still supported and when you migrated from Teamcenter Engineering, you will still have to use them, since it doesn't seem to be possible to migrate them.


If you are starting a fresh installation, you should use the properties of the item or revision directly instead of forms.


You will still use forms for certain custom situations, but no longer to specify the general properties of an item or revision.

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Re: Teamcenter Form - Best Practise


  Thanks for the reply. I have one question that is always coming up from customer.

Is there a benefit to bring Item/Item Revision Master attribute to Item/Item Revision itself.

Will there be any performance imporvement. I doubt it though, what is your opinion.


Thanks for your answer in advance,


Re: Teamcenter Form - Best Practise

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If you have attributes in Item/Item Rev then it will be easiest to map some information between object or create querries, and you can easly put there attributes in columns on Summary View (and export to Excel if needed).

This is only my opinion Smiley Happy


Best regards

Bernard Pacula,
CAMdivision Sp. z o.o.
Consultant PLM/System Architect