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Teamcenter SAO service using WSDL only (not using SOA Libraries)


hey I am developing third part Web app , where we need to connect to Teamcenter for some info.
instead of writing custom SOA, I am looking for sample on WSDL consumption, but unfortunately no luck, I prefer to use OOTB SOA call by consuming WSDL in .Net code-c#

while I notice that each service return Model Object of there own type ( not like generic model object wen you consume SOA libraries)

I am unable to type cast the Model object, I am doing something wrong?
Can you provide me quick pointer. Or can share a sample code project.
Really appreciate your help.

Issue as below

service used

 dataManagementService = new Core0603DataManagementClient();

 dataManagementService1 = new Core0701DataManagementClient();

getting below error for sample code

Error 1 Cannot implicitly convert type 'CCBTracker_TC.tcDataMangtService_2007_01.ModelObject' to 'CCBTracker_TC.tcDataMangtService_2006_03.ModelObject'

please refer image for code