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Teamcenter SSO setup - unknown LDAP exception

Hi All,


I am exploring SSO for Teamcenter 11.3.

I have installed TcSS [login and Identity service] and did initial testing to confirm installation successfully.


I have modified context parameters for both services accordingly and deployed war files.

I also tested my LDAP settings using Jxplorer

[I don't have any TC installed/configured for SSO yet]


Now after LDAP settings, If I try to login with valid user - I get below error

"An unknown LDAP exception has occured error result" 


Re: Teamcenter SSO setup - unknown LDAP exception

This could be the reason. I had got GTAC's help here.

In Teamcenter11, due to a Java security issue, the following JARs have to be signed with FQN you

---> teamcenter_sso_applib.jar, teamcenter_sso_common.jar, teamcenter_sso_loginapplets_applet.jar

also have to use complete hostname (FQN) for ex. Please reconfigure Teamcenter to use FQN. This means
1.    By using tem reconfigure pool Manager to use FQN for webserver (2 entries)
2.    By using the insweb reconfigure tc webtier to use FQN for the web server and Login and Identity service.
3.    By using insweb reconfigure sso Identity service to sue FQN
4.    By using insweb reconfigure sso Login service to use FQN

Re: Teamcenter SSO setup - unknown LDAP exception

Thanks for your quick response.

I will approach GTAC for signed JARs, thanks again.



Re: Teamcenter SSO setup - unknown LDAP exception

Thanks xplm2005.


I did check with GTAC and they will be arranging signed JARs for our setup.

Coming back to this error, I had missed one LDAP related setting.

After fixing it, I could move ahead.